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Widely considered one of the best tools available for Bible study, this unique study Bible was first published in 1995 as The New Geneva Study Bible in the New King James Version (NKJV). It was renamed The Reformation Study Bible in 1998 and in March 2005 transitioned to the readable and accurate English Standard Version (ESV).This foundational resource was created by more than fifty scholars and features thousands of in-depth study notes, 96 theological articles, 19 in-text maps, colored maps, and 12 charts to help you understand the Bible better. Also included in this edition are a presentation page and the updated ESV text.

The Bible measures 9 ¼ in. x 6 ¾ in. The type of the ESV text is 10.25 points and the study notes are approximately 8 points. This is the study Bible for the next generation of reformers.

Note: The Reformation Study Bible is not currently published or available in the NKJV version.

The Reformation Study Bible (ESV) Media
Document: Sample Introduction
Document: Sample Commentary
Document: Sample Page (Genesis)
Document: Sample Page (Isaiah)
Document: Sample Map
Document: Sample Page (Matthew)
Document: Sample Page (Psalms)
Document: Sample Page (Revelation)


Best gift

Angelo Dela Cruz Jr

I gave a copy of the Reformation Study Bible to a Filipino pastor visiting the US. He says it has been his dream to have one but he cannot afford to buy one. These are very expensive in the Philippines. He is very happy to have one now. He days it will help him a lot in his ministry. Thank God for giving us a study Bible like this. !

Buying a second copy!

Hank Kanavel

I so enjoy my Reformation Study Bible. I bought it simply because our Pastor uses it in his messages. However I've found I rarely go to my other reference sources anymore. We have several versions in our home but my wife looked through it and announced, "I want one too." That's why I'm on the site today; she wants it for Christmas present but I won't wait that long.

My Favorite Study Bible Ever

Alex Garcia

The RSB is my all time favorite bible. It even replaced my ESV SB as my main bible. I love the format, size, binding and study material. It has a great balance of notes to biblical text and the articles. I have already gifted two of these to loved ones and plan on doing more. This bible has helped to teach me alot about the my faith and walk in the Lord. Thanks Ligonier!

Reformation Study Bible

Breda Hines

I initially purchased the RSB for my iphone and found it to be superior. That led me to purchase a printed copy with the burgundy leather cover. I recently discovered the RSB notes, etc available in the Logos System as a seperate addition to my Logos portfolio. My RSB library collection of materials are complete. But when the NKJV becomes available, I will probably get that also. Thanks much RC and everyone at the ministry for all you do for the Kingdom of God.

Love this Bible

Kim Thomas

Very thankful for this Bible. The theological topic definitions are very helpful. Looking for an e-version.

Reformation Study Bible

David Shelton

I have this Bible in the leather format and have thoroughly enjoyed using it's study helps. I was even more excited when I was able to download the RSB as an app. on my iPad, iPhone, etc. The RSB electronic version is a joy to use. I m able to navigate easily throughout the entire Bible. One of the fantastic aspects of the electronic version is that I am able to synchronize my Bible. This synchronizing tool was a blessing when I bought a new iPad, tapped "sync" and my saved info transferred.

Solid and reliable

David Secomb

When the New Geneva Study Bible came out based on the NKJV I decided i already had enough study Bibles! But once I had got into the ESV in 2001, and then saw in 2005 that the RSB (ESV) was available I got one, and have used it a lot with great satisfaction. I have the ESVs/b and think its a great tool also, but there is something about the RSB that is extra special. Thank you!

The Fiery Finger of God Revealed

dennis mullen

"And he gave to Moses, when he had finished speaking with him on Mount Sinai, the two tablets of the testimony, tablets of stone, written with the finger of God." This is a wonderful study Bible. Be prepared to learn more than you might have expected. The Sovereign Grace of God shines on every page. I do agree with Craig B. above - my only complaint is that the paper is very thin and the bleed through is a bit of a distraction, particularly in poor lighting.

Great Bible.

J Hall

I love the insights that I have gained from this new Bible. The commentary is short and concise, as is the Bible itself.

Awestacular Bible [yes, that good]


I have been using the ESV S/B for the last two years and the Ryrie S/B for the past 15 years and this Bible adds another dimension of quality and scholarship. The ESV S/B shares many of the Reform principles, but it is bulky and often is layered with commentary that easily encompasses most of the page. This study Bible allows the Scripture to speak for itself which again follows the Reform perspective.

A Bible that shares The Bible

Benenz Hitchcock

I have another Bible that I use (MacArthur Study Bible) and the Reformation Study Bible. I knew that Sproul doesn't preach heresy and after doing some research I decided to get one. This Bible along with MacArthur's exposition with the text are wonderful. The Lord has blessed me with the Bible and through continued reading it will enrich your life. Brothers continue to read and study the Word of God.

Reformation Study Bible in eFormat.

Jean Woods

I have studied all my life, and will soon be 79. I began studying Reformation theology in the late '70s, and have bought two Reformation Bibles. I would love to see this version in an easily maneuverable style for my eReader. It would be a great help for my arthritic hands, because of the size and weight. I carry it, because it is my favorite, but that would be much easier to carry.

Continually Turning to for Insights


I have three other study bibles, another I recently gave away, and I am continually turning to the Reformation ESV Study Bible for insights into the Reformed perspective. I am fairly new to Reformed theology, about two years, and I highly recommend this study Bible to anybody beginning their interest in Reformed theology. An excellent study bible!

The Best Reformed Resource

Andy F

I have the ESV study Bible, the Macarthur study Bible & love them both. But the Reformation Study Bible gives excellent reformed views all the way through from a distinctly presbyterian viewpoint. It is alot easier to carry than the ESV study Bible too. great resource, we need an e-book edition soon!

Great Bible, but...

Ray Schneider

The RSB is one of the best, but it needs to be available in CD format, or on-line so that commentary and theological notes can be easily copied into a Word document.

Wonderful Bible!

Raymond Shaw

I am a Lutheran (ELCA) and have found the Reformation Study Bible to be the most informative and understandable Bible version that I have seen to date. I have several versions of Bibles and cross reference them often for clearer meanings. However, with this Bible I can finally settle down with one solid, trustworthy and reliable source that inspires & assists me daily! I purchased both the hardcover and leather copies and love them both. Thank you so much for ESV's Reformation Study Bible!

great study tool!

Rachael Martin

I'm getting ready to order my second Reformation Study Bible. I have one of the first edition versions-- I wore it out! I LOVE this Bible. thoughtful and insightful notes and excellent cross-refrencing make serious study quite doable.. The ESV version is readable and clear--a great translation. I'd recommend it to anyone! Most of the kids at our church (down to 6-year-olds) are reading the ESV which attests to its readability.

Thorough, yet concise - highly recommended!

Brian Moyer

The ESV is a literal yet readable translation. The Reformation Study Bible displays quality workmanship and the font of both text and notes are quite readable. The study notes are very thorough, yet concise. Some study bibles have more notes than the Reformation Study Bible, but lack the precision of the RSB. The theological articles are tremendous, unless you do not hold a Reformed view of Scripture. The RSB is one of the finest study bibles avialiable - highly recommended!

Best Study Bible

Eugene Shields

I am in two study groups, and I have found the ESV Reformation Study Bible to be the best study bible available any where thanks.

Love this Bible

charlie krummreich

I absolutely love this Bible. I would never think of using another Bible again. The translation is easy to follow and thus make reading much more enjoyable.

Opens the Bible in new ways

Mark Leberfinger

The Reformation Study Bible has greatly aided my Christian walk by giving me a grounded understanding of Reformed theology. As a result, the Holy Spirit has opened my eyes to greater understandings of God's mercy, love and glorious gift of salvation.

Overall good


I thought the Reformation Study Bible was overall a hit with me. If I had a complaint it would be the pushing of the "literary framework" view in creation and symbolic ages for pre-flood people...

An Incomparable Resource

Keith Turner

Perhaps no other study Bible has helped me - a college student preparing for the ministry - gain a firm foothold on the glorious teachings of Reformed Christianity than has The Reformation Study Bible. When I have a question, this study Bible is there to help me and answer my questions. God's Word has become so real and alive to me through the teachings in the Reformation Study Bible. I have recommended it to so many people, for they too need to get a hold of this incomparable resource.


Mark Jurado

I was never a daily reader until I got the Reformation Study Bible not too long ago. The footnotes are absolutely priceless to me! These explanations make the Bible come alive in a way I never experienced before. Increasing your depth of understanding of the scripture is one of the most rewarding things I have been able to do. I love the notes on authorship, date and occasion, etc., for each book. The Reformation Study Bible would be a bargain at twice the price.

Excellent Bible that deserves better paper

Craig B.

I love almost everything about this Bible. Updated 2007 text; excellent articles/notes; very readable typeface; Smyth-sewn binding; very manageable size. That said, the paper is VERY thin, with a level of bleed-through that is outright distracting. There are many places in this Bible where simply reading the words takes work. I would love to see the next edition printed on a heavier paper that serves, rather than undermines, all of the excellent work that Ligonier put into it.

The Reformation Study Bible = Awesome!

Gerard Blankenbaker

I just received my Reformation Study Bible today. When I opened it I felt like a kid in a candy store. I love it! It is great having a faithful translation (ESV) to read and study with. The theological notes and study notes are great! I would like to thank R.C. Sproul and everyone else who had a part in making this possible! If you are thinking about getting one of these Bibles, do it! You won't be disappointed!

An excellent Bible

Heather W.

This is the best study Bible I own and by far, my favorite. The notes and articles are relevant, informative, and understandable. I also love the literal translation of the ESV. An excellent Bible.

THE BEST study Bible I've ever seen

Nancy Weitemeyer

The only reason I don't give 5 stars is because I wish the Type was larger for my old eyes. Also, I would like one in Leather instead of the Hardback. Otherwise, the Scripture, Study Notes, Cross References, Study Topics, etc. are all TEN STARS!!!

An excellent study tool!

Tyler R.

This Bible is a huge blessing. The study notes are intellegent and insightful, and the theological articles help to clear up my fuzzy understanding of certain principles. The language of the ESV flows very well and (I am told) remains true to the original texts. This Bible Certainly exceeds expectations!

Just what I was looking for!

Brad Wilson

I was looking around for a new study bible with a more literal translation than my old one, and with more scholarly and distinctly reformed study notes. I came across the ESV Reformation Study Bible and decided to just go ahead and pick one up - and I have to say, I'm very pleased. For a primarily literal translation the ESV maintains very good readability, and the study helps are insightful, intelligent, clear, and of course, God glorifying in the way that reformed theology does so well. No fancy, bright colours or bells and whistles here - just one solid study bible. It's a real joy to dig into, and I'm sure it will continue to be for years to come.