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The aim of this book is to raise the bar for a new generation of expositors.”
—Steven J. Lawson

Looking to the past for outstanding Bible-based, Christ-centered, and life-changing preaching, Dr. Steven J. Lawson focuses on sixteenth-century Geneva, Switzerland. It was there that John Calvin ministered for decades as a faithful shepherd to a flock of believers.

Here is an intimate portrait of Calvin the preacher-the core beliefs that determined his preaching style, the steps he took to prepare to preach, and the techniques he used in handling the Word of God, interpreting it, and applying it to his congregation. In the pulpit ministry of the great Reformer, Dr. Lawson finds inspiration and guidance for today’s church and calls on modern pastors to follow the Reformer’s example of strong expository preaching.

I heartily recommend this book by Steven Lawson as an impetus to the recovery of expository preaching. It is an especially good gift for pastors and seminary students.”
—R.C. Sproul

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The Expository Genius of John Calvin Media
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He has enlightened these truths for the church now

Ellen Barr

This is so vital to todays churches who will not hear the pure exposed Word of God. It is sad to have pastors in the pulpit who are ashamed to proclaim the innerancy of Scripture to the sheep who need it. We thank Sovereign God for a man such as this to be bold enough to expose such truth. Amen, and amen. Mobile, Alabama

Refocuses your Preaching

Peter Brock

As I read the book I found that it caused me to take a hard look at my own preaching. I was reminded that God's Word is the focus rather than some skillfully crafted sermon that is pleasing to the ears yet lacks true Biblical meat. May God's Word be THE central focus of our ministry.

Remarkably forgettable

Lee O'Kelley

I really wanted to appreciate this book. I picked it up, read some, and put it down. Then I picked it up again hoping that my second attempt would give me a fresh perspective. This time I managed to read it all in one sitting (during a flight across the Atlantic from the Sates to Ireland). I am sad to report that this book tells us far more about the personality of the author than about the mind and genius of John Calvin. The real Calvin, from what I have read of his work, was thorough, clear-sighted, aware of his detractors, loved his congregation(s) and was first and foremost committed to loving God. He was also aware that he was a wretched sinner (not just theoretically, but in reality). Whereas, the Calvin presented in this book is a polished up version of what most pastors aspire to be - a performing rhetorician who pretends he knows of what he speaks and attempts to "edify" his listeners with a smattering of religious jargon and a few references to certain obscure words found in the original languages. If you truly desire to be a "great" preacher, don't waste your time reading this. Get a good systematic theology (e.g. Berkhoff), outline the books of the Bible as you read them, memorize lengthy passages on which you can meditate while you cut the lawn ... and by all means, buy and study a good book on Logic. There is no other way to become a "valuable" preacher than to devote a few decades to learning Scripture and learning how to think clearly. Don't read about how others excelled at baseball - get out there and get down on your hands and knees so you can taste the clay.

A call to true ministry.

Forrest Cole

What a great book. In this time of "seeker friendly and name it and claim it", this is a fresh call to Biblical authority and ministry as well. A must for the serious student of the Word as well as anyone who desires to share God's word in a pure and undefiled well to God's glory alone. Thank you for this extremely important work.

Love This Book!

Justin Childers

Fantastic meditation on Calvin's preaching. A must read for this generation of preachers. Get a copy for your pastor. If he reads it, you will get the benefit!