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Chance’ and ‘Time’ are the dear tenets of modern secular science. Given enough chance or time anything can happen…or can it? Both are merely abstractions drawn from observations, categories in which to place things and events, not actual things themselves, and when one places his trust in modern secular concepts of time and chance instead of scripture he may be led to strange conclusions. Here R. C. Sproul (The Holiness of God) addresses the concept of chance as a causal agent, raising questions about the validity of evolutionary reasoning based on such concepts.

Not a Chance is R.C. Sproul at his best, which is very good. Reference to chance explains nothing, as he shows. But it is an essential factor in the struggle for atheism to appear rational in the face or the world where we live. He shows secularism to be what it now is: a desperate faith.”
—Dr. Dallas Willard, Department of Philosophy, University of Southern California.


Awesome book


Dr Sproul will go down in history as the greatest thinker of the 20/21st century...This book has opened my mind in ways that I couldn't perceive just doing the thinking on my own. I thank God for Dr. Sproul.

Great book


Dr. Sproul amazes me when he takes simple, logical scientific laws and makes them plain, clear and presentable arguments on God's existence. I read and liked it all. I will recommend it to anyone who likes apologetics.