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This generation will by no means pass away,” Jesus said in the Olivet Discourse, “till all these things are fulfilled.” “These things” include “the Son of Man coming on the clouds of heaven.” Critics like Bertrand Russell (author of “Why I Am Not a Christian”) cite this passage as proof that Christ’s teaching was “defective.” Sproul believes Christians have not always answered these critics convincingly.

The Last Days According to Jesus also addresses these questions: - Who is the antichrist? - When is the resurrection? - When is the millennium?

Sproul’s answers may surprise you.

“Debates over eschatology will continue until the Lord’s return,” writes Sproul. “The divisions that exist within the Christian community are understandable. The subject matter and the literary genre of prophecy are both exceedingly difficult.”


please read this book

David Lee

This book stands alone and is one of my favorate reads. I tell everybody about it and have handed out about ten copies already. I commend R.C. for being bold enough to publish such a wonderful book of biblical evidence even though it is a highl controversal subject. Amen to you R.C. and let the truth be told to the glory of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Changed my eschatology

Tim Miller

This book (along with Chosen By God) had more of an effect on my understanding of theology than any other. I have gone from being a pre-millenial dispensationalist to a reformed post-millenial partial preterist thanks in large part to these two books by Dr. Sproul.