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Dr. Sproul wrote this hymn as a much-needed corrective in teaching the historically robust Reformed view of the real presence of Christ in the sacrament of the Lord’s Supper. This communion hymn beautifully ties together past, present, and future implications of the sacrament.

Sheet music. SATB.

Come, Thou Savior, spread Thy table, 
Feed Thy helpless, starving sheep.
Give Thy grace to saints unable
To drink Thy cup so deep.

Chorus: Jesus, Jesus, We adore Thee,
gift of heaven’s Bread;
Jesus, Jesus, We adore Thee,
Keep our spirits fed.

For Thy bride is weak in spirit
As her Groom will soon appear,
With spotted soul and wrinkled gown
She trembles to draw near.

Keep the feast of Paschal Lamb 
His presence sure and real;
His death for us we now recall
With sacred sign and seal.

We taste Thee now as death
Doth wait to bring us to your side.
We long to enter heaven’s gate,
And e’er with You abide.

To heaven’s gate our souls will fly,
To sup with You anew;
With all the saints from labors rest,
To find our peace with You.