While Dr. R.C. Sproul remains healthy and vibrant, we have invited a new generation of teachers to help the ministry remain true to its founding purpose. The board knew it would be impossible to find one man to whom the torch could be passed. The reality is that Dr. Sproul is a unique gift from the Lord. So we looked for men who were trustworthy, able-in-their-field, and wise.

It's our great delight to tell you that at the beginning of 2010, Drs. Robert Godfrey, Sinclair Ferguson, Steven Lawson, and R.C. Sproul Jr. became Teaching Fellows at Ligonier Ministries. In May 2013, Dr. Stephen J. Nichols joined this group of men. These five serve as advisors to Dr. Sproul, the board, and senior leadership, and actively teach in all the ministries at Ligonier.

To learn more about the Teaching Fellows, read here.

  • Sinclair Ferguson

    Sinclair Ferguson

    Dr. Sinclair Ferguson is professor of systematic theology at Redeemer Seminary, distinguished visiting professor of systematic theology at Westminster Theological Seminary, and former senior minister of the First Presbyterian Church, Columbia, S.C. He also serves as a teaching fellow for Ligonier Ministries and is dean of the Doctor of Ministry (D.Min.) program at the Ligonier Academy of Biblical and Theological Studies. Dr. Ferguson has also written more than two dozen books, including The Holy Spirit, By Grace Alone, and In Christ Alone.

  • W. Robert Godfrey

    W. Robert Godfrey

    Dr. W. Robert Godfrey is president and professor of church history at Westminster Seminary California. He also sits on the board of Ligonier Ministries, serves as a teaching fellow for Ligonier, and is a visiting professor in the Doctor of Ministry program at the Ligonier Academy of Biblical and Theological Studies. His many books include God’s Pattern for Creation, Reformation Sketches, and An Unexpected Journey.

  • Steven Lawson

    Steven J. Lawson

    Dr. Steven J. Lawson is founder and president of OnePassion Ministries, a ministry designed to equip biblical expositors to bring about a new reformation in the church. He serves also as executive editor of Expositor magazine, a publication of OnePassion Ministries. Dr. Lawson is a board member and teaching fellow for Ligonier Ministries, director of the D.Min. program at The Master’s Seminary, professor in residence for Truth Remains, and a visiting professor in the Doctor of Ministry program at the Ligonier Academy of Biblical and Theological Studies. Dr. Lawson's books include, The Daring Mission of William Tyndale, The Evangelistic Zeal of George WhitefieldPillars of Grace, and John Knox: Fearless Faith.

  • Stephen Nichols

    Stephen J. Nichols

    Dr. Stephen J. Nichols is president of Reformation Bible College and chief academic officer for Ligonier Ministries. In addition, he is a teaching fellow for Ligonier. He was formerly research professor of Christianity and culture at Lancaster Bible College. A member of the Evangelical Theological Society, he chairs the society's Jonathan Edwards Study Group and is the author of numerous books, including For Us and for Our Salvation: The Doctrine of Christ in the Early Church, Jonathan Edwards: A Guided Tour of His Life and ThoughtWelcome to the Story, and Peace.

  • R.C. Sproul Jr.

    R.C. Sproul Jr.

    Dr. R.C. Sproul Jr. is rector and chair of philosophy and theology at Reformation Bible College. Dr. Sproul Jr. is also a teaching fellow for Ligonier Ministries and has authored several books and series, including Economics for Everybody, Believing God, Tearing Down Strongholds, Bound for Glory, and The Call to Wonder. He is also host of the daily podcast Jesus Changes Everything. He is on Twitter @RCSproulJr.