The need to plan and save for retirement may mean that your retirement accounts have become your most significant assets. Yet there is a down side to such accumulation of wealth. Required distributions are taxable income to you or your spouse. In addition, your heirs may find themselves paying considerable taxes on those funds if inherited during their peak earning years. Combined with estate and other taxes, that can result in a substantial tax impact on the retirement funds you diligently saved and invested. For that reason, your IRA, 401(k) or other qualified retirement plan may present an attractive way to support Ligonier Ministries in the future at greater levels than possible at present.

By designating Ligonier as the beneficiary of a retirement account, you ensure that:

  • the gift becomes deductible for estate tax purposes. 
  • your heirs will receive assets which are not as highly taxed. 
  • your gift will have maximum impact. Ligonier’s charitable tax-exempt status means we are not required to pay taxes on assets that are donated.
  • the Church of Jesus Christ will continue to benefit from the full value of your thoughtful gift planning for generations to come.
If you have questions about making a legacy gift to Ligonier through your retirement plan or in another way, please contact our Gift Planning Officer by emailing or by phoning 1-800-220-7636 ext. 1185.