One of the simplest ways to make a legacy gift to Ligonier Ministries is to name us as a direct beneficiary of your bank or investment accounts. These accounts include checking, savings, certificates of deposit, or brokerage accounts holding stocks, bonds, or mutual funds. Such gifts are made apart from a will or trust. This means that they do not require the services of an attorney to execute and will be transacted speedily, in accordance with your wishes.

Your bank or financial institution can provide you with a simple form on which you can direct a dollar amount, percentage, or the entirety of a specific account to Ligonier. In order for us to receive the proceeds, the only requirement is that a death certificate be provided to the financial service institution. The intended funds will be sent to us quickly, as this type of provision does not need to pass through probate court and will not be held up as estate assets are inventoried or sold.

It is important to note that these arrangements take precedence over your will or trust. In other words, the beneficiaries named to receive your account upon death are the first to receive assets, which may affect what other heirs receive who are named in your estate plan documents. Therefore, you should carefully consider this option and remember the provisions you have made to account beneficiaries when you update or change your estate plans over time. Someone you trust should be informed about these intentions so that they can make notifications when the time comes. For an individual who has few or no heirs, this could be an attractive, simple, and inexpensive way to make a legacy gift.

To name Ligonier as the beneficiary of one of your bank or brokerage accounts, please secure the appropriate form from the institution and identify us as:

Ligonier Ministries
421 Ligonier Court
Sanford, FL 32771
EIN# 25-1298611

For more information about this or other ways of creating a spiritual heritage by continuing to support Ligonier’s outreaches, please contact our Gift Planning Officer by emailing or calling 1-800-220-7636 ext. 1185.