R.C. Sproul launched Ligonier Ministries to help students hear the clear voice of truth through the uncompromised teaching of Scripture. Just as the brave voices of the Reformation stood for truth in their day, he envisioned a ministry that would equip Christians to do the same, by the grace of God.

"Here we stand, with one voice, proclaiming truth for this and future generations." 
                  —R.C. Sproul

Today, Ligonier stands in the great stream of historic Christianity poised to speak to a new generation. The world needs truth. And the greatest need of the hour is for Christians to speak with one voice for the truth of God’s Word. We use every means available in order to reach as many people as possible through broadcasting, publishing, multi-faceted education, and conferences—all aimed at providing teaching and discipleship, in obedience to the Great Commission. 

As we rise to meet the call of God on this ministry, will you stand with us? Together, let us proclaim the truth that our generation needs to hear.