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  • Jesus and Israel: One Covenant or Two?

    from Keith Mathison Feb 28, 2015 Category: Book Reviews

    Every year, thousands of Christian books are published worldwide. Of those thousands, there are usually only a small handful that are worth reading. Of those that are worth reading, there are only a few that are worth reading repeatedly. David Holwerda's Jesus & Israel: One Covenant or Two? is one of those rare few. Keep Reading
  • Augustine of Hippo

    from Keith Mathison Nov 01, 2014 Category: Book Reviews

    St. Augustine was born in A.D. 354 in the town of Thagaste in North Africa to a pagan father and a Christian mother.  From these inauspicious beginnings, he would eventually become one of the most influential thinkers in the history of the Church and Western civilization.  The ramifications of his debates with the Donatists and the Pelagians are still felt to this day in the Church.  His Confessions remains a spiritual classic among Christians of widely varying traditions.  His magnum opus, The City of God laid down the political and religious foundations for the following 1000 years of medieval history.  Those involved in serious theological debate continue to appeal to the writings of Augustine for support. Keep Reading
  • Review: So What? Youth Bible Studies

    from Keith Mathison May 04, 2013 Category: Book Reviews

    I had the opportunity to review three separate studies: Treasuring God's Word, A Study of Romans, and Worshiping God. Each study comes with materials for the students as well as an extensive leader guide. The student materials and the leader guide are attractively put together. The graphics are obviously designed to appeal to the audience, and the content is well organized. Teachers will find these studies very "teacher-friendly." Keep Reading