• Parmenides, Heraclitus, and Zeno by

    What are you and what are you becoming? Are you the same person you were ten years ago? If not, then who are you? How can we be the same but different? Apply these questions to the cosmos, and the …

  • Part 1 by ,

    After the events of 9/11, Americans were made aware of the fastest growing religion in the world—Islam. Dr. Sproul and Mr. Abdul Saleeb look at the Islam religion to help us understand the foundational teachings of Islam. In this …

  • Part 1 by

  • Part 1 by

    Part 1

    • What is your opinion about the age of the earth and its theological significance?
    • Could Revelation 11:18 be interpreted in an ecological context?
    • Can you explain the Catholic doctrine of purgatory?
    • If salvation is based on God’s …

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  • Part 11 by

  • Part 2 by ,

    In the Islamic holy book, the Koran, you will find passages that refer to Jesus and testify that Jesus was a man who lived among the Jewish people and was a prophet sent from God to proclaim God’s word …

  • Part 2 by

  • Part 2 by

    Part 2

    • How can God be omniscient, omnipresent, and omnipotent in his divine nature but not his human nature?
    • In John 4:24, what does it mean to worship God in Spirit and in Truth?
    • Since Satan cannot be omnipresent …

  • Part 3 by ,

    The three major religions of the world, Judaism, Christianity, and Islam have all had a hand in bloodshed of some kind as political and religious ideologies have been used to justify the killing of so many. So, what is the …

  • Part 3 by

  • Part 3 by

    Part 3

    • What was the nature of Adam’s will before the Fall?
    • What is the response to Kant’s Critique Pure Reason?
    • What did Christ do during the three days he was in the tomb and before he rose from the …

  • Part 4 by

  • Part 4 by ,

    Part 4 of the series “The Dark Side of Islam” considers the actions of those who live consistently with the teachings of the Koran. Are the violent Islamic groups some kind of radical fringe movement that has taken the Koran …

  • Part 4 by

    Part 4

    • What is the difference between Adam’s state pre-Fall and our state in heaven?
    • Is heaven biblical?
    • Why does the Holy Spirit have the characteristics of a person but has never taken on a human nature?
    • Does Calvinism say …