• Dead to Sin, Alive to God (Part 1)

    Romans 5:20-6:4

    Why would God want sin to abound? Dr. Sproul discusses the distinction between justification and sanctification. Law reveals the reality of sin and lets us know the extent. An investigation of four systems of justification using faith and works predominantly held by various groups claiming Christianity is presented. An introduction to … Listen

  • Christ in Our Place

    Romans 5:6-11

    In this section we have God’s love demonstrated toward the believer while we were still unregenerate. The concept of reconciliation toward God and what that entails is considered. Listen

  • The Foot Washing

    John 13:1-17

    Before the Feast of the Passover, Jesus and the disciples gather for a supper and when it ends Jesus proceeds to wash the disciples feet and Peter protests Christ doing this and then when the reason is explained he wants to be washed all over. Dr. Sproul explains all these … Listen

  • Sin’s Advantage in the Law

    Romans 7:7-14

    Paul advises that the law tells me what is sin and that his sin is stirred to even greater sinfulness because we are inclined to sin. Dr. Sproul explains that “we are not sinners because we sin, but we sin because we are sinners.” Additionally the concept of the law … Listen

  • The Pool of Bethesda

    John 5:1-15

    Jesus encounters a man with an infirmity at a pool near the sheep gate. Dr. Sproul points out the textual issues with this section and then proceeds to exposit the healing event. Since this was the Sabbath and Jesus had told the man to take his bed and walk, he … Listen

  • The Road to Emmaus

    Luke 24:13-35


  • The Narrow Way

    Luke 13:22-34


  • The Jerusalem Decree

    Acts 15:22-29


  • Peter’s Denial

    Luke 22:24-34, 54-62


  • Jesus on Trial

    Luke 22:66-23:25


  • The Way of Humility

    Luke 14:1-14


  • The Lord’s Supper

    Luke 22:1-7


  • Betrayed

    Luke 22:1-6, 47-53


  • Paul at Ephesus

    Acts 19:1-20


  • Eternal Appointment

    Acts 13:40-52