Stop Asking Jesus into Your Heart

from Nov 19, 2013 Category: Tabletalk Magazine

Here’s an excerpt from Stop Asking Jesus into Your Heart, J.D. Greear’s contribution to the November issue of Tabletalk:

If there were a world record for the “number of times asking Jesus into your heart,” I’m pretty sure I would hold it. I’ve probably “prayed the prayer” more than five thousand times. Every time was sincere, but I was never quite sure I had gotten it right. Had I really been sorry enough for my sin that time around? Some wept rivers of tears when they got saved, but I hadn’t done that. Was I really sorry? Was that prayer a moment of total surrender? Did I really “get” grace?

So I would pray the sinner’s prayer again. And again. And again. And maybe get baptized again. Every student camp, every spring revival. Rinse and repeat.

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