Introductions: The Gospels

from Jan 29, 2012 Category: Ministry News

Four weeks ago we launched a new series on the blog, “Introductions.” Adapting material from The Reformation Study Bible, we began by introducing you to each of the four Gospels.

The Reformation Study Bible reminds us:

It has long been noticed that the Gospels are not ordinary biographies. Two of them say nothing about Jesus’ birth, and only one event from His youth is recorded (Luke 2:41-52). Unlike what one would expect from a biography, a large portion of each Gospel is devoted to the last week of Jesus’ ministry… Clearly, these books were not written to satisfy our curiosity but to proclaim a message.”

If you haven’t already, please allow The Reformation Study Bible to introduce you to…

You may also be interested in our “Introdcutions” series through the five books of the Pentateuch.

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