The Difference Between Our Sanctification and Our Glorification

from Oct 30, 2012 Category: Ministry News

In this excerpt from a session at our 2010 National Conference, R.C. Sproul illustrates the difference between our sanctification and our glorification.


R.C. Sproul sets up an illustration on the stage with “Hitler” on the left of the stage, the “Apostle Paul” just to his right, and “Jesus” on the far right of the stage. He then explains:

What I want you to visualize here is the gap, the chasm that separates the righteousness of Christ from the most righteous person, or the most wicked person. All the advances in sanctification that our Apostle Paul here has experienced, makes his difference between himself and Jesus, and himself and Hitler, that difference comparatively is negligible. There is still this huge cavern, this huge abyss of difference between sinless Jesus and unglorified Paul. Right?

Now…when you’re justified, God counts you as being over here. Right? And when you’re glorified, the real separation takes place and you are conformed without sin to your Savior.”