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  • Great Deals for $5 Today

    from Karisa Schlehr May 13, 2011 Category: Ligonier Resources

    Find $5 Friday deals today on books, music, and teaching series covering the church, the authority of Scripture, Bible study, repentance, sanctification, and more. Sale starts Friday at 8 a.m. and ends Saturday at 8 a.m. EST. Keep Reading
  • Schism and the Local Church

    from Tim Challies May 12, 2011 Category: Tabletalk Magazine

    "Although the Great Schism occurred in the eleventh century, dealing with schismatic people in the local church has been a problem since the days of the apostles." This problem is the theme of Michael Brown's article in the current issue of Tabletalk. "Schism is a division within or split from a church. It occurs in a congregation or denomination when a faction is formed on the basis of something other than the faith once for all delivered to the saints. It is distinguished from heresy, which is false teaching about doctrine. While heresies can (and often do) lead to schisms, most schisms in the local church do not involve heresy. They usually erupt from some 'quarrel over opinions' (Rom. 14:1) in matters not essential to the faith." Keep Reading
  • VIDEO: CrossReference: Pity and Power

    from Karisa Schlehr May 11, 2011 Category: Ligonier Resources

    A few weeks ago we introduced a new series from David Murray and HeadHeartHand on the appearances of Christ in the Old Testament as the Angel of the Lord. Today brings the seventh episode in the preview series. You can watch the first two episodes of CrossReference: Discovering Christ in the Old Testament here, and the remaining videos will be available for temporary viewing each week for the next three weeks at the Ligonier blog, Challies, and HeadHeartHand. Please note each episode will only be available for viewing for one week. Keep Reading
  • How the Gospel Brings Us All the Way Home, New from Reformation Trust

    from Deborah Finnamore May 11, 2011 Category: Reformation Trust

    If you were to think of the best news imaginable, what would come to your mind? That you are debt free? Healed from a terminal disease? Perhaps a new job after a long period of unemployment? While each of these examples would certainly be good news, Derek W.H. Thomas asks us to consider this as the best news imaginable: “There is therefore now no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus” (Rom. 8:1). Keep Reading
  • Support Ligonier through Crossway Impact

    from Karisa Schlehr May 10, 2011 Category: Ministry News

    Love both Crossway and Ligonier? Now you can support Ligonier Ministries through Crossway's new rewards program, Crossway Impact. Crossway Impact was created for readers who want to invest their resources wisely by buying books and making an impact. In addition to great annual benefits, you have the opportunity to send 5% of the money you spend at Crossway to the ministry of your choice, including Ligonier. And for the first year you get to name your own price for the membership fee Keep Reading
  • Imputation, Infusion and Eternal Consequence: A Parable

    from R.C. Sproul Jr. May 10, 2011 Category: Articles

    It is an unfair, gross distortion to hold that Rome teaches justification by works, while we Protestants teach justification by faith.  The more accurate distinction recognizes on both sides the necessity of the work of Christ. Rome affirms that His righteousness is necessary for our salvation, that without it we are without hope. That righteousness, however, becomes ours through infusion. Protestants affirm also that His righteousness is necessary for salvation, that we have no hope without it. It, however, becomes ours through imputation. Keep Reading
  • Get Dr. Sproul’s Overview of the Bible for a Donation of Any Amount

    from Karisa Schlehr May 09, 2011 Category: Ligonier Resources

    Join Dr. Sproul on a unique study tour as he explores the major themes, events, and people that are brought to life in the Bible. Dust to Glory provides a panorama of biblical truth and a starting point to help you understand the content of the Bible. Dust to Glory can energize your study of the Bible, provide you with new insights, and improve your ability to read, understand, and apply Scripture to your life. This week you can get this CD series for a donation of any amount. Fifty-seven 23-minute messages. Keep Reading
  • Twitter Highlights (5/8/11)

    from Nathan W. Bingham May 08, 2011 Category: Ministry News

    Here are some highlights from the various Ligonier Twitter feeds over the past week. Keep Reading
  • Links We Liked (5/7/11)

    from Tim Challies May 07, 2011 Category: Articles

    Here is a round-up of some of the notable blogs and articles our team read this week. Keep Reading