Ligonier Blog / Sunday / November 29 / 2015


  • Responding to Disasters

    from R.C. Sproul Dec 05, 2009 Category: R.C. Sproul

    How do we respond to the violence of natural disasters? How does our theology deal with such wanton destruction that shows no respect for persons? The elderly, infants, and helplessly infirm experience no mercy in the face of natural disasters such as floods and storms that sweep away everything in their paths. After such events, the question on many people's lips is: "How could a good God allow such a thing to happen?" Keep Reading
  • Repent, For the Kingdom of God

    from R.C. Sproul Jr. Dec 04, 2009 Category: Articles

    How quick are you to repent? If you're anything like me, you've just this moment added several more things to repent of. First, pride. I suspect that you, if you are like me, think yourself a pretty decent repenter. You likely wish that others would learn from your wonderful example, and do likewise. Indeed, now that I mention it, you can think of several people that owe you an apology, and aren't you the one for being so gracious about it up until now? Keep Reading
  • New Children’s Animatics DVDs

    from Karisa Schlehr Dec 02, 2009 Category: Ligonier Resources

    R.C. Sproul's two most recent children's books are now available as animatic DVDs. Keep Reading