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In this series, Dr. R.C. Sproul provides a brief survey of five belief systems that have influenced the thinking of modern man. He refutes the assumptions of worldviews such as secularism, hedonism, humanism, existentialism, and pragmatism.

Messages in this Teaching Series
Here and Now
Driven by Pleasure
When Man Is God
Mere Existence
Whatever Works


Excellent Gift for Young Adults & Old .

Jimmie Bruhn

I just hope this message will inspire others to buy these CD's for young people. One reason is they are not too long or overwhelming. Therefore, they make an excellent introduction to the philosophies of "living" they are constantly confronted with in high school, college, society and home. These "change agents", as teachers call themselves today,are very cleaver. The young have no idea how they are being molded to accept these philosophies or even what they are or where they came from. I thank God for Dr. Sproul and the gifts he has received of Him and his obedience to Him who is indeed the Greater Change Agent. May Our Blessed Holy Spirit sent of Our Lord Jesus Christ change and seal the hearts of many through these messages to Himself to walk in wisdom and understanding in this wicked present age. Amen.