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Twelve 23-Minute Messages. Over 4 Hours of Teaching.

Many believe that we are totally free to choose salvation. In Willing to Believe, Dr. R.C. Sproul shows that man’s will is not free but in bondage to sin. He says that we are doomed unless God has mercy and changes our hearts. Dr. Sproul examines the issue of free will throughout history, looking at the views of Augustine, Pelagius, Luther, Calvin, Arminius, Edwards, Finney, and others, demonstrating that some assumptions regarding “free will” undermine the Gospel and conceal God’s glory in salvation.

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Messages in this Teaching Series
The Truth Shall Make You Free
Free Will and Divine Sovereignty
Are We Born Free?
The Loss of Liberty
Sovereign Grace
Is Grace Irresistible?
A Divided Will?
Bondage of the Will
Voluntary Slaves
Is Grace Cooperative?
Born to Sin?
The Pelagian Captivity of the Church


Outstanding and fair

Meriam Matthews

RC has a way of making his points without denigrating the beliefs of others. In this series, he doesn't disappoint, but when you're done, you know WHY you believe what you believe. You also are provoked into thought processes you never used before. As a Bible study teacher, I am ready to present this outstanding study to my mixed group with full confidence that all will be edified and none will be offended. Many thanks, RC.

I am now in bondage


Because of the two sections on liberty and freedom, first THe truth shall set you free, and Free will and divine sovereingty collections has created a bondage to the truth, and how easy Dr. Sproul made it to understand. Even my teenage boys was blessed and totaly understood what was being said in this series, GREAT WORK.

Highly thought provoking.

How refreshing it was to have this sensitive topic presented so logically and scripturally. It was also refreshing to not hear other competing theological positions being put down and villified in order to justify one's position. The opposing view is usually not as gracious in it's presentation of differing positions as R.C. is in this. Well Done!