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Four 23-Minute Messages.

Dr. R.C. Sproul encourages students to question popular notions about the ultimate issues of life. Using videotaped student interviews, he shows the inadequacy of secularism to provide a basis for finding any meaning in life or for making any value judgements at all. He shows that questions of human dignity must rely on a biblical understanding of the nature of God and of man. He discusses arguments for God’s existence, the Bible’s validity, and Christ as the only way. Powerful, timely teaching for young people.

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Messages in this Teaching Series
Only Two Worldviews
The God Who Is There
His Word is Truth
Christ the Only Way


A must-listen before learning in the world

Rob Morton

My only regret in terms of these messages is that I didn't get hold of them earlier. I am studying some philosophy and religious subjects at a secular university, and these messages have helped me to view the true &quotultimate issues&quot behind why the Christian and secular world views just refuse to see eye to eye, and why I'm stuck in the middle. A gift for students especially, but don't let that stop you from listening in small groups or adult sunday schools. Thanks R.C.!