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Leader’s Guide

The Leader’s Guide adapts specific portions of the text to develop lessons plans for teens; provides answers to the questions in the journal, and gives ideas for crafts, ministries and activities.

This third and final edition of this teen discipleship curriculum series will help girls love others. In 15 lessons teen girls will learn about gratitude, unity, mercy, oneness, life, and fruitfulness. Finally they will learn about Giving the Legacy by studying the book of Ruth and applying it to their lives.

True Discipleship 3 builds on True1 and True2 to challenge girls to consider the implications of the covenant for faith and life. It includes:

Part 1, Lessons 1-5: How to understand Scripture from a covenant perspective.
Part 2, Lessons 6-11: How to live covenantally in relationships.
Part 3, Lessons 12-15: Applying what was learned in Parts 1 and 2 through a study of Ruth.