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  • Welcome to the Story: Reading, Loving, and Living God’s Word

    Book by Stephen Nichols

    We may be diligent readers of the Bible and sincere in our desire to relate to its stories, but somewhere between our resolve and reality, we find a disconnect. Could it be that we often miss the forest for the … Learn More

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  • September 2011 Tabletalk

    Tabletalk by Various

    The September 2011 issue of Tabletalk examines the decade following the events of September 11, 2001. It pays special attention to America’s response to those terrorist attacks and the advance of the gospel in light of such horror, and it helps Christians … Learn More

  • October 2011 Tabletalk

    Tabletalk by Various

    Death and disease affect everyone, even Christians. The October 2011 issue of Tabletalk explores the nature of death and disease from a biblical perspective, providing hope to those who trust in Jesus and encouraging believers to view these heinous effects of sin in … Learn More

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  • Triumphing Over Sinful Fear

    Book by John Flavel

    How will you triumph when your heart is left trembling? To some degree, everyone experiences fear. It impacts the decisions we make and leaves us feeling helpless. John Flavel begins this book by examining various fears and discussing general ways … Learn More

  • Gospel-Powered Humility

    Book by William Farley

    Humility is not a popular concept in our world today. It is seen as weakness in a culture that prizes self-esteem and validation. Unfortunately, these worldly attitudes about humility have leaked into and influenced the church, as well. Far from … Learn More

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  • The God-Centered Life: Insights from Jonathan Edwards for Today

    Book by Josh Moody

    The Christian church world-wide is growing significantly in size and influence. However, John Stott has commented that the greatest problem it faces is ‘growth without maturity’. Expansion can be accompanied by lack of depth. Teaching and discipleship are still needed, … Learn More

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  • February 2012 Tabletalk

    Tabletalk by Various

    Get Free Shipping on individual 2012 Issues of Tabletalk The February 2012 issue of Tabletalk features articles examining what Jonathan Edwards called charity as described by the apostle Paul in 1 Corinthians 13:1–13. This passage rings familiar to many people on account of … Learn More

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  • April 2012 Tabletalk

    Tabletalk by Various

    The April 2012 issue of Tabletalk explores the God-centered life. With all levels of society pressuring Christiansto pursue their own esteem and desires improperly, the necessity for addressing narcissism and combatingit with a God-centered worldview gains even more importance. Contributors … Learn More

  • Just Do Something

    Book by Kevin DeYoung

    At some point, most Christians have wondered if they are fulfilling God’s plan for their lives. Many seek to find this will as if the Lord always provides a clear, direct, unmediated direction. This work explores the true way to … Learn More

  • May 2012 Tabletalk

    Tabletalk by Various

    The May 2012 issue of Tabletalk addresses the subject of controversy. John Newton’s letter “On Controversy” provides a launching pad into the discussion, and the core of this issue extracts, explains, and applies the three major sections of the letter … Learn More

  • Pleasing God

    Book by R.C. Sproul

    Sanctification is not an everyday word. It’s an idea that has little value in our me-focused, instant-gratification world. Regardless of trends, culture, or opinion, being sanctified—being set apart from the world—remains a vital part of our journey with Christ. What … Learn More

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  • Faith: What it is and what it leads to

    Book by Charles Spurgeon

    God has not put the treasure into the earthen vessel merely for the vessel’s own sake, but that the treasure may afterwards be poured out from it, that others may thereby be enriched. Spurgeon’s remark well illustrates his strong belief … Learn More

  • Leading with Love

    Book by Alexander Strauch

    This book provides leaders and teachers a clear understanding of what the Bible teaches about love. This understanding is essential to you as an individual leader and to the church as a whole. It will —Significantly improve your relational skills … Learn More

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