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The prevalence of error in our day makes it imperative to be well grounded in the biblical orthodox doctrines of historic Christianity. These 675 MP3 messages represent the faith once delivered to the saints and carefully passed down throughout the ages. The topics found here include systematic theology and doctrinal studies of God, Scripture, man, Christ, salvation, the church, and the last things. 

Series included (average of 6 messages per series): Angels and Demons, Apostles’ Creed, Atonement of Jesus, Attributes of God, Basic Training, Born Again, Bride of Christ, Chosen by God, Christ  Apostle and Mediator, Classic Collection, Communion of Saints, Contemporary Theology, Covenant Baptism, The Cross of Christ, Dallas 2007 Conference ­ The Cross of Christ, Doctrine of Christ, Volume 1, Doctrine of Scripture, Volume 1, Essential Truths of the Christian Faith, Eternal Security, Faith: The Evidence of Things Unseen, Fall Conferences 2006  The Cross of Christ, Fall Conferences 2007  The Sovereignty of God, Fear and Trembling, Foundations: An Overview of Systematic Theology, The God We Worship, God Alone, Hath God Said?, Heaven, Hell, The Holiness of God, The Holiness of God Extended Version, Holy Scripture, The Holy Spirit, Justification by Faith Alone, Kingdom Feast, Knowing Christ: The I AM Sayings of Jesus, Last Days According to Jesus, Loved by God, Majesty of Christ, The Meaning of the Gospel, The Mystery of the Trinity, Names of God, Names of Jesus, One Holy Passion, Orlando 2003 Nat’l Conference  The Power and the Glory, Orlando 2004 Nat’l Conference  A Portrait of God, Orlando 2005 Nat’l Conference Bought with a Price, Overcoming the Eclipse of God  2004 Pastors Conference, Overcoming the Eclipse of God  2006 Pastors Conference, Overcoming the Eclipse of God  2007 Pastors Conference, The Person and Work of the Holy Spirit, Predestination, Preachers and Preaching, The Providence of God, Providence: God in Control, Promise Keeper: The God of the Covenants, Repentance, Roman Catholicism, Sacraments, Seattle 2004 Conference  The Invisible Hand, A Shattered Image, Sproul/MacArthur Baptism Debate, Thus Says the Lord, Total Depravity, True Religion, Ultimate Issues, Understanding the Gospel, What is Reformed Theology?, What is the Gospel?, Willing to Believe, The Will of God, Wisdom. ($1,350 value) 

(Please note: These are not video messages but are data discs with digital audio. You will need to transfer them to a computer, iPod®, or other media player to enjoy.) 

* Discs are sold As-Is. No substitutions or variant combinations are allowed.
** You MUST have a DVD-ROM drive on your computer to access these files.