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Fourteen 23-Minute Messages. Over 5 Hours of Teaching.

These days there is a lot of talk about promises. Most of the time, the focus is on man’s promises rather than on God’s promises. But as we have all experienced, the promises of sinful man fail time and time again.

In this series, Dr. R.C. Sproul demonstrates that the one, true Promise Keeper always keeps His promises. Dr. Sproul explains how God, throughout history, has fulfilled His promised plan of redemption in and through His people.

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Messages in this Teaching Series
The Covenant of Redemption
The Meaning of Covenant
Creation Covenant (Part 1)
Creation Covenant (Part 2)
Creation Covenant (Part 3)
Noahic Covenant
Abrahamic Covenant (Part 1)
Abrahamic Covenant (Part 2)
Mosaic Covenant (Part 1)
Mosaic Covenant (Part 2)
Davidic Covenant
The New Covenant (Part 1)
The New Covenant (Part 2)
The Christ of the Covenant


Good start

This is a good place to start. The lectures seem to be following O. Palmer Robertson's "Christ of the Covenants?" From here move on to meatier study of the covenants like Fairbairn, Witsius, or practically anything from Meredith Kline.

Covenants clearly foundational in Scripture.

Alan Townson

Dr Sproul explains clearly, by exegesis, the foundational quality of God's promises as recorded in the Bible. Various other 'eisegetical' views are sensitively dealt with, without condeming individuals who believe them. After having watched this series I am now utterley convinced that a 'covenantal' approach to understanding the Bible is the correct method because it is the way the Apostles, under the guidance of the Holy Spirit and through Jesus' teaching, understood the Bible themselves. I am now exposing my friends to this ministry because Dr Sproul explains these things so much better than I can. The visual quality of the presentations is poor, however it doesn't detract from the message.