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What is the Lord’s Prayer? In The Prayer of the Lord, Dr. R.C. Sproul writes, “Jesus’ intent was to give His disciples a model prayer, an example to follow, one that would teach them transferrable principles for conversation with God.” In short, Christ gave the Lord’s Prayer to teach His disciples about prayer, and Dr. Sproul, in his trademark fashion, brings out many of the truths Christ intended for His followers to learn. 

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Struggling with Structured Private prayer?

William du PLOOY

I have been struggling quite a bit with Structured Prayer - particularly due to my trust in the sovereignty of our Lord in all providences and in salvation. Yet these are not so much the issues I have had; as the issue I struggle with at the core is, that I believe that I have an ongoing continual "open line" of communication by the Spirit Interceding for me and as I think I converse with Him. This little exposition of Scripture has however helped my see that prayer is not for God's benefit - BUT for MY sanctification and for my Intercession in behalf of others - so that this is an occasion for ministry and also to benefit and serve others in expression of the royal Law of Love: To Love YAHWEH our Triune God with all my heart, soul, mind and strength AND my fellow mankind in a way that honours and glorifies our Master JESUS. Thank you Pastor Sproul for helping me get a good perspective on my responsibility and my PRIVILEGE in Christ!

Very Rich in Insight


I received this book for my birthday and have just finished it today. I really enjoyed it. In this book, Dr. Sproul brings out rich truths from the Lord's Prayer that can make your prayer life much more meaningful. "The Prayer of the Lord" helped me to see the principles that Jesus Himself gave in the Lord's Prayer.