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This classic book records the journey of Christian, an “every person” man seeking salvation on a pilgrimage to Heaven. Along the way, Christian encounters obstacles that test his faith and characters that help show him the difference between right and wrong. Told as a dream, this 17th century religious classic’s charm stems from its eloquence and old-world humor, and from its colorful characters involved in incidents and scenes to which readers who live in a world of temptations can easily relate.

“What more can one say about this book than has already been said? It is simply extraordinary in every way. Not only do I love it because of its vivid description of what it means to become and be a Christian, but because it has become an invaluable pastoral tool to me. It is all so lifelike, so spiritually realistic, so challenging, so encouraging, and so strengthening. I love it!”
—Sinclair Ferguson


freedome of the shackels of my past life


I literally cried out to "God" 35 years ago when I was left with two small children 3000 miles away from family and friends. At that time all I wanted to do was have some one to look after my children, because losing the one person I loved I found no reason to live anymore. At that time I had know Idea the power of evil ( Satan ) that had control of me. Then short time later my best friend later introduced me to " Christ " and the book Pilgrims Progress found me and we became friends ever since.