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In this book, Dr. R.C. Sproul covers all aspects of divine providence and reasserts the fact that God is concerned with each detail in the universe. “Every woman who has delivered a stillborn baby knows the devastation it brings to the heart,” writes R.C. Sproul. “Who can experience such a thing without crying to heaven and asking, ‘Why?’ It is normal to wonder where God is in such circumstances. It is where the rubber of human anguish meets the road of divine providence.”

This book is an effort to face those issues and questions that arise with regard to God’s providence,” says Sproul. “It is designed to look at the question of providence, not only from a doctrinal viewpoint, but chiefly from an examination of concrete experiences of the flesh-and-blood people whose lives and struggles are recorded for us in sacred Scripture.”

Sproul concludes: “The providence of God is our fortress, our shield, and our very great reward. It is what provides courage and perseverance for His saints.” All who read The Invisible Hand will find themselves praising God for his mercy and loving kindness.

Not since I read one of Sproul’s earlier books, The Holiness of God, has a book simultaneously shaken my soul and comforted it with the presence of God… . This is theology at its finest. It is truth for living.”
—Rob Taylor (Emmaus Journal)


God really is in the details...

Jim Willett

Mother left the book behind when she left the planet...I read it recently and found great comfort in the Biblical truth of the PROVIDENTIAL CARE OF GOD.

All Christians should read this...


This book has given me a new perspective on God's providence. It is wonderful to know that God has and will continue to control every aspect of His creation.