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The holiness of God has been obscured, and, consequently, the church’s doctrine and ethics have been tarnished. Entertainment has replaced worship in many places, the Gospel is misunderstood and neglected, and the church assimilates itself to the culture instead of seeking to transform it through the preaching of God’s Word. If the church is to regain her saltiness, something must be done. 

Ligonier Ministries’ 2009 National Conference, The Holiness of God, looks at Scripture’s teaching on God’s holiness and how it affects our worship, doctrine, and personal walk with Christ. This expanded conference also features a mini-conference on the life and influence of John Calvin, whose 500th birthday we celebrate in 2009. 

Dr. Sproul is joined by other Christian scholars, pastors, and leaders, including Thabiti Anyabwile, Alistair Begg, Don Carson, Ligon Duncan, Sinclair Ferguson, Robert Godfrey, Steven J. Lawson, Al Mohler, and Derek Thomas to proclaim and defend the holiness of God. 

Messages in this Teaching Series
John Calvin: Preacher and Teacher
Calvin and the Christian Life
The Doctrines of Grace
The Legacy of John Calvin
Questions and Answers #1
I Am the Lord, There Is No Other
Train up Your Children
Hallowed Be Your Name
The Holy One of God
The Breath of the Almighty
Questions and Answers #2
Cosmic Treason
A Holy Nation
Wounded for Our Transgressions: The Holiness of God and the Cross
Be Ye Holy
Questions and Answers #3
A Consuming Fire
Gaining Access to God’s Throne Room
Women’s Ministry in the Local Church