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The world needs the good news of the Gospel. But understanding the Gospel is impossible without understanding the cross of Christ — the event that turned the bad news of sin into the good news of salvation. 

In The Cross of Christ, Dr. Sproul discusses the saving work of the Son of God. Unfolding the drama of redemption revealed in the Old Testament, R.C. highlights humanity’s great need for salvation and communicates the way the Cross fulfills that need. And he explains the certainty of redemption for those whom God draws to the Cross. 

Messages in this Teaching Series
The Need for an Atonement
The Drama of Redemption
Christ Our Ransom
Justification by Faith
Blessing or Curse?
Securing Our Faith


Fantastic Series

Kevin McKanna

This resource introduced me into the doctrine of justification and really what was accomplished with the Cross. The Lord used this teaching to open a door that has changed my life. An amazing study of Calvary and all it entailed.