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R.C. Sproul Jr. has equipped Christians with the ammunition needed to counter the non-Christian philosophies that have made the greatest gains in our era. He also counters the primary criticisms lobbed against the biblical world-view. “My hope is to persuade others and to provide some tools to help others persuade others,” writes Sproul, “My goal is to not only tear down the strongholds of the devil, and not only repel the assaults of the very gates of hell, but to show that the foundation upon which our faith stands is firm.”

Writing for both believers and non-believers, R.C. Sproul, Jr., does three things:

  • He shows how each major non-Christian worldview is self-contradictory and thus self-refuting.
  • He answers the criticisms leveled against Christianity.
  • He makes a positive case for the existence of God.

Dr. Sproul Jr. Addresses the need for Christians to be ready to defend the Christian faith, while relying upon the unchangeable and eternal truth of God.


The title says it all.

Andrew O'Young

This is a great little book on answering the skeptics and relativists of our day. I use this book as a supplement to the Defending Your Faith series which I am using in my Sunday school class. I had thought R.C. Sproul Jr. was R.C. lite, I don't any more.

Avoiding the Truth by producing new

Joe Pusateri

I have always prided myself on choosing the rational and scientific. Religion as a crutch made sense to me at one time. No more. There ARE reasons to believe. The reasons we have been given to NOT believe are shown in this book and are shown to be the irrational ways of thinking. How can the best philosophic minds of humanity come up with such contradictions in their reasoning? The contradictions are overlooked because the motive underlying these modes of thought is revealed as trying to avoid acknowledging the existence of a God who is personal, holy and to whom we are accountable. Escaping that inevitable accountability is one of the main reasons to avoid believing where the reasoning takes you.