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Every year thousands of people use Tabletalk magazine to learn the Word of God through substantive Bible study and thought-provoking articles covering pertinent theological issues.

This set contains all 12 issues of Tabletalk magazine from 2010, which takes readers through a thematic and biblical-theological study of the Old Testament, looking at various characters, events, practices, and other elements of old covenant religion that are fulfilled in the new covenant. Topics addressed by Dr. R.C. Sproul and other respected scholars and leaders include:

Anxiety and the Sovereignty of God
What N.T. Wright Really Said
Acts of the Apostles
A Brave New World
The New Calvinism
Worship Matters
The 10th Century: Progress and Regress
The Good, The True, The Beautiful
The Marks of a Christian
College and the Christian
Overcoming Apathy: Mercy Ministry in Word and Deed