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Five 23-Minute Messages.

We cannot know that God exists,” is something you thought would never be uttered from the mouth of Dr. R.C. Sproul. In this series, this statement, along with other assertions, are made by Dr. Sproul defying the possibility of knowing God as well as the existence of God.

In Silencing the Devil, Dr. Sproul delivers the most common and forceful arguments against truth, God, and the Bible. But even Dr. Sproul as the Devil’s advocate is no match for Dr. Gerstner’s ability to turn false reasoning to dust. Silencing the Devil, while entertaining, is an effective and practical tool for defending the faith in this faithless world.

Watch the First Message

Messages in this Teaching Series
Can We Know Truth?
Is There a God?
Is the Bible Inspired by God?
Is God or Man Sovereign?
An Interview with Dr. Gerstner