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The September issue of Tabletalk will consider the many ways that Satan attempts to tear down the church, and it will present these attempts creatively in the form of a training manual for demons. The Apostle Peter tells us that Satan prowls about like a lion, searching for those whom he may devour (1 Peter 5:8). Christians need to be aware of his schemes if they are to recognize his work and stand against him. This issue will expose several of the most common ways that Satan tries to destroy the church, presenting these schemes in the form of a training manual that Satan might hand out to demons who have joined his rebellion. Each article will be written as if it is a section of this training manual.

Contributors include Kevin D. Gardner, Grant R. Castleberry, Keith A. Mathison, Steven J. Lawson, Chris Larson, Thomas Brewer, Burk Parsons, Eric Bancroft, Brian S. Tallman, Stephen J. Nichols, Anthony J. Carter, Aaron L. Garriott, Eric B. Watkins, Derek W.H. Thomas, Jared C. Wilson, Michael Reeves, and Robert Rothwell.