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Imagine that you approach someone who has never stepped inside a church or paused long enough on a religious channel to understand what the preacher was shouting about. This is the case for many Americans regarding the question, “Are you saved?” The initial response might be, “Saved from what?” It’s a logical reply. Yet too many of us as Christians don’t really know how to answer that question—for the ones we are trying to witness to, or for ourselves.

R.C. Sproul shows that what we are saved from is really a who—God Himself. That the glory of the gospel is that the One from whom we need to be saved is the very One who saves us. It is when we truly grasp who God is and who we are that we begin to understand the serious demands and joys of repentance.

Written for all Christians, Sproul’s book uses word studies and biblical insight to challenge readers to fully give their hearts to their Savior.



Dan Titus

It challenges me to rethink the word "Saved". It is so easy for Christians to get into the "jargon" of Christianity without thinking of the practical aspects of what we are saying. RC Sproul takes the concept of "Saved" and opens up phenominal insight from both a practical as well as a spiritual perspective. As a minister, I was challenged to rethink my jargon.

This could be one of R.C.'s best.

When you consider some of the work Dr. Sproul has done, it seems impossible for him to write anything that might have more of an impact than some of his early titles like; The Holiness of God, Chosen By God, or Willing to Believe, Grace Unknown, and on and on and on... You get the point. But having read every one of his approximately 60 books and attended every Ligonier Ministries National Conference, I think Saved From What? may have more impact than any book R.C. has ever written.