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The Roman Catholic Church claims to be the one, true church established by Jesus Christ. The Reformers of the sixteenth century rejected this claim, pointing to numerous conflicts between Scripture and Roman Catholic doctrine and practice. What are the differences that divide Roman Catholics and Protestants? Are they important? In this series, R.C. Sproul carefully and respectfully looks at the doctrines that are at the heart of the Catholic-Protestant divide.

Messages in this Teaching Series
Scripture and Tradition
Papal Infallibility
The Church and Salvation
The Virgin Mary


Best explanation of Catholicism I have ever found.

Dave Faiella

I was extremely disappointed when I came to the end of this series. I wanted it to keep going on and on and literally could not stop listening. As a convert from Catholicism many years ago I have never heard such a clear, fair and scholarly explanation of the basic doctrines. Now if Dr. Sproul would only provide a similar course on Eastern Orthodoxy, Lutheranism, etc. Please do so Dr. Sproul! It would be such a blessing.

You must know what the Bible actually says...

Bob, U.S., Michigan

An excellent resource for everyone that claims to adhere to a faith in the God of the Bible. For that to be true, of course, one has to be willing to take God at his word and resist the temptation to falsely interpret the Gospel in light of his (or her) own bias,' sensibilities, and/or cultural traditions. Unfortunately, way too many people that make claim to the title "Christian" do so without ever really understanding what the Bible actually says.

A good starting point


I heard this on Renewing Your Mind. I was impressed with how Dr. Sproul presented his lectures. They were insightful and respectful (not at all offensive). Even so, I have also heard some well rounded Scholars be just as critical on the Reformed tradition; presenting a compelling case for the Catholic Church. I suggest that perhaps Ligonier produce another series that has R.C debating a scholar who champions the Catholic side. If done respectfully it would be a good resource:)

Valuable Insight

Scott Davis

After 24 years of attending Roman Catholic church I found too much practice that did not mesh with Scripture and have since moved on to a biblical church. This teaching series provides profoundly valuable insight as to why the rifts exist between the Roman church and biblical (sola scriptura) Christianity. After 12 years of Catholic education I had no idea about most of the material Dr. Sproul discusses. I doubt the majority of Catholics do either. I highly recomend this lecture series.

Fantastic summary of what divides us

Kristoffer Popovitch

An absolute wonderful summary of what divides Biblical Christianity from Rome. Dr Sproul masterfully explains what Rome truly teaches. I think this series is brilliant and a must for all those who wish to know more about the wolves in sheeps clothing. I have listened to the series more than 10 times; each time gaining a better understanding of why it was I left Roman Catholicism!!