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In this enlightening work, Dr. Keith Mathison sets forth a wealth of biblical, historical, and theological evidence for an optimistic eschatology. Unlike end-time forecasts that see modest growth in the church before Christ’s return, postmillennialism expects the Spirit-blessed Gospel to have overwhelming success in bringing the world to Christ. Dr. Mathison explains why, and he calls us to renewed faith and expectation as we serve the reigning Kings of kings.

First, Dr. Mathison examines Reformed presuppositions and reviews the history of the church’s end times statements. Next, he discusses the major eschatological passages from Scripture. He then critiques both premillennialism and amillennialism and responds to the most significant objections to postmillennialism. Appendixes include lengthy discussions of the 70 weeks of Daniel and 1 & 2 Thessalonians, and a critique of full preterism.


Full of Scripture


This is an excellent summary and introduction to postmillennialism. It has helped me understand many of the key points. Best of all, this book is completely scripturally based! There is copious scripture spilling off every page. If you are a serious student of the Bible, I would definitely recommend this book!