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The October 2019 issue of Tabletalk will feature young people addressing older people and older people addressing young people regarding various aspects of life. Scripture is filled with admonitions for both older believers and younger Christians, such as the call for young people to respect their elders and the call for elders not to look down on the young (1 Tim. 4:12; 5:1–2). However, because of differences in age and in life experience, younger people frequently fail to heed the wisdom of older people and older people sometimes struggle to understand younger people. This issue of Tabletalk will seek to help believers overcome these hurdles by featuring older people writing to younger people and younger people writing to older people on a number of different subjects pertaining to the Christian life.

Contributors include Joe Holland, Don Bailey, Nicholas T. Batzig, Gene Edward Veith, Geoffrey Thomas, Jason Helopoulos, Larry Mininger, Jerry O’Neill, Adriel Sanchez, Dennis E. Johnson, Wiley Lowry, and C.N. Willborn.