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The November 2019 issue of Tabletalk will consider gratitude and ingratitude in the Christian life. Our great God has blessed all people beyond measure, for as sinners none of us deserve anything more than the wrath of our Creator, and yet the Lord continues to do good to all people. As Christians, we have reason to be even more grateful than others, for in addition to the good gifts that come to us through creation and providence, we have also received eternal life from God through our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. However, we often fall short in showing gratitude, and we even find it difficult at times to understand what true gratefulness looks like. This issue of Tabletalk will explore the place of gratitude in the Christian life and will offer practical guidance for avoiding ingratitude and for expressing thankfulness in multiple spheres.

Contributors include David P. Murray, William Barcley, Eric J. Alexander, Robert M. Godfrey, Paul Levy, Steffen Mueller, Melissa B. Kruger, Michael S. Beates, Lowell A. Ivey, Marissa Henley, John Blanchard, and Eric Kamoga.