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My Cry Ascends is a graceful collection of new Psalms and hymns for the church composed by Greg Wilbur. The music is recorded in a folk tradition with elements of Celtic style and southern harmony. Listeners will enjoy the hardy musical instrumentation: piano, viola, flutes, tin whistle, acoustic guitar, mandolin, bagpipe, hammer dulcimer and percussion. Rich biblical texts and expressive tunes feature the singing of Michael Card, Steve Green, Wes King, Katy Snow, Nathan Clark George and Bruce Carroll. The songs were written with congregational singing in mind, and it is our hope that this CD will bring these wonderful pieces into wider familiarity as an appropriate offering to the Most High God as He calls His people into worship.

About the Composer  

Gregory Wilbur is the Chief Musician and liturgist at Parish Presbyterian Church (PCA) in Franklin, Tennessee, where he also serves as a Ruling Elder. He is the Dean of the Chapel, Senior Fellow, and helped to found New College Franklin, a Christian classical college in Franklin. In addition to writing congregational worship hymns, he also composes choral and orchestral works. He has written numerous articles about worship, the arts, and education as well as several books including Christmas Spirit, a family guide for Advent, and Glory and Honor, a leadership biography of J.S. Bach. Greg lives near Franklin with his wife and young daughter.

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Enjoy a Free MP3 Download of the first track, Now Unto Jehovah-Psalm 29:
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My Cry Ascends: New Parish Psalms Media
Document: Liner Notes
Audio: Now Unto Jehovah-Psalm 29 (2:39)
Audio: Come Ye Souls (3:06)
Audio: Savior and Friend (3:34)
Audio: Mighty Lord, Extend Your Kingdom (3:26)
Audio: Call Jehovah Your Salvation–Psalm 91 (3:14)
Audio: O God To Thine Anointed King–Psalm 72 (3:12)
Audio: O Bless the Lord My Soul–Psalm 103 (2:30)
Audio: Come Ye Disconsolate (3:18)
Audio: Lord, Hear My Prayer–Psalm 102 (4:00)
Audio: Alas and Did My Savior Bleed (3:31)
Audio: How Blest the Man–Psalm 41 (4:36)
Audio: Let God Arise–Psalm 68 (3:28)
Audio: Lord Jesus Think on Me (2:51)
Audio: From Depths of Woe–Psalm 130 (3:59)
Audio: Blest Is the Man–Psalm 32 (2:56)
Audio: O Give the Lord–Psalm 111 (3:06)


The beginning of the journey


Greg Wilbur is the most promising church music composer in the world today. I was so captivated by Greg's melodies and their possibilities I bought 20 copies to give to friends, contacted the composer for more and found out that he has dozens more hymns and Psalms, and another CD! Buy this music and make it yours, and keep exploring. There is a tremendous promise here, a splendid beginning. Further up and further in!

Please do more!

Lori S.

Not only am I blessed every time I listen to this CD, but I am so pleased that we can bring this music into our worship services. Thank you so much for making arrangements available so that these songs can be sung by congregations. There is so much richness in these lyrics and hymns are such a great way to learn the truths of God's Word. Thank you!! Please consider another CD. We need this kind of music in our churches.

Can't help but smile!


Not being a huge fan of most Christian contemporary music, I was a bit leery about purchasing this cd. The samples won me over, however, and roughly two years later, my family and I continue to listen and to sing these pieces. What a joy to hear one's children singing the Psalms! Thank you so much for the beautiful arrangements!



It's an awesome CD. Praise God! Good work. I commend your work in this CD. God bless and take care.

Water to My Soul


water to my soul...can't wait to get the cd

I listen to this everyday!


What separates this music from so much contemporary Christian music is that it is so rich, both in lyrics AND music. The tunes are so evocative that they make lyrics easy to remember. You'll be singing them like Christmas carols. Thank you and I humbly ask to please make more!

A daily blessing!

Jeremiah Barba

Thank you for pointing us to Christ with this CD! The combination of solid, inspiring texts with the gorgeous settings is a daily blessing in my life. "Come, Ye Disconsolate" especially has been a great encouragement in dark times. Thank you! "Earth has no sorrow that heaven cannot heal!"

The entire family will enjoy this


We have four children and found this CD to quickly grab their attention and become a family sing-a-long while we're riding in the car, from the youngest to the oldest. Thanks for this tremendous work. We need more contemporary music written with the depth of the psalms and biblically-informed lyrics.

Lyrical and musical beauty


This album has been in almost daily rotation on my iPod since I received it. The wonderful thing about the lyrical depth of the psalms on this album is that you can gain deeper and deeper appreciation of the truth they contain as you become more familiar with them. I was struck that lyrics written centuries ago would bring me to tears more than once - what profound evidence of God's transcendent glory and the inspiration behind these songs! I cannot overstate the blessing this album has been.

What a blessing!


Dear Gregory, Just when I thought I didn't like much of contemporary worship music you have made me rethink my view. These hymns are absolutely awesome and will be around long after we are gone. I played your CD for my Bible Class, and one of the men said,"That's better than a hundred sermons." (Sorry RC) Bless you for your music and I hope you write a lot more. Pob bendith/All blessings.

Your spirit will soar!


I purchased this CD for my husband for this past Father's Day. Every song on this CD has ministered to me in some way. Listening to it while reading the psalms that some of the songs are based on really make those psalms come alive! This CD is too powerful for words, really. Yes, may the Lord have more in store to be produced! To Greg Wilbur and Company: What an anointing on your work! Thank you for being beautiful vessels of God's creativity and blessing the Body of Christ.

Run don't walk to buy this CD!!


This CD is a virtual feast for your ears. The diversity of voices blends together in such lovely harmony. It is such a wonderful reminder of how the diversity of the body of Christ blends together with unity of purpose--to glorify our Father in heaven. To listen to this music is to worship! Thank you to all who made this possible.

Love this CD--Want More!


I absolutely love this CD. I play it every chance I get throughout the day but especially before I pray and read my Bible in the morning and it really helps me to worship the Lord. This puts a joy and reverence in my heart that I can't really express with words. The "Celtic" sound is especially lovely--great back-up band--wonderful whistle. Thank You--PLEASE record more! God Bless you and your work.