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The May 2021 issue of Tabletalk will look at anxiety and its solution in the Christian life. We live in an anxious age. Wars, pandemics, and other problems give rise to anxiety on a worldwide scale. Closer to home, relational difficulties, fear of job loss, physical disorders, lack of assurance of salvation, and more make us anxious. The daily news often seems tailored to produce the most anxiety in us, and advertisements for all kinds of cures for anxiety bombard us regularly. Anxiety is a real problem even for Christians, and part of Christian faithfulness involves learning how to put sinful anxiousness to death while still having an appropriate level of concern for ourselves and our loved ones. This issue will consider the reality and forms of anxiety and help readers learn how they can grow more and more free from being anxious.

Contributors include William Barcley, Matt Ryman, Rebecca VanDoodewaard, Eric B. Watkins, Aaron L. Garriott, Donny Friederichsen, William C. Godfrey, Eric Kamoga, Robert VanDoodewaard, Robert Rothwell, Andrew Sarnicki, Kevin Struyk, Garry Williams, and R.C. Sproul.