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The March 2016 issue of Tabletalk examines several “one another” passages in the New Testament. Christians are not called to live in isolation from other Christians. Rather, they are called to a life of fellowship in the communion of the saints. It is impossible to fulfill the biblical mandates for worship, discipleship, and missions without other brothers and sisters in Christ. To follow Christ, we must love one another. Building on this basic command, this issue considers what it means for Christians to love one another.

Contributors include R.C. Sproul along with Nick Batzig, Eric B. Watkins, Megan Hill, James L. Harvey III, Owen Strachan, Jon D. Strachan, Brian Cosby, Donald S. Whitney, Harry L. Reeder III, Aimee Byrd, Derek W.H. Thomas, David E. Briones, and Trillia J. Newbell.