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As a Christian, you are called to be a witness of Christ’s Gospel, to be “the salt of the earth and the light of the world.” How can you make that kind of impact in a society filled with darkness and decay? Dr. R.C. Sproul shows you how in Lifeviews, a layman’s guide to understanding the many non-Christian philosophies and attitudes that affect and influence our contemporary culture. Lifeviews offers thought-stimulating information and insight on confronting today’s moral and social issues with an effective biblical response.

Lifeviews also contrasts how Christianity and its competitors influence various aspects of our culture: economics, science, art, literature, and government. This book can help believers make a credible and effective stand for Christ in our culture. 


Excellent reading/thinking/mission.

Phebe Warren Cooke Pcs

As a lifelong thinker, I delighted in the clarity and lucidity of the portrayals herein, of the various "isms" against which I have fought and thought my way, toward my beloved Father. I saw these systems of ideas fell one after another of my family, my friends, my fellows. I saw these ideas upheld by teachers, preachers, doctors, advisers, and all my peers who desired to compromise the beloved Word. There is nothing like light to chase away the bugs. Therefore I applaud this work by R.C., to whom we listen on radio often, and was gladdened to realize it will make a great father's day gift to my married son, father of two of my grandchildren. He is assistant dean at a learning center where giffted students receive tutoring to get ahead in their studies. He needs to know how education in America is marred with confusion and polluted with illusion, by means of the widespread acceptance of these ideas in academia. He needs to know the deceptions of the isms hidden within secularism's umbrella, in order to be a wise and obedient father to his daughters, and bring them up in the Way of Christ. Pray that this book enlighten him as to his mission as father and educator, even as the commandments of God to teach the Word enlighten our understanding. I pray that many will buy and disseminate LIFEVIEWS to thinkers needing good leading.