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Joseph’s story is one of tragedy in the midst of a virtuous life, as well as God’s healing power of mercy, forgiveness, and restoration. This series gives an in-depth look at an early hero of the faith. 

Messages in this Teaching Series
The Dreamer
A Sin Concealed
A Strange Vocation
Seduction Revisited
True Success
The Meaning of Dreams
Of God and Men
The Timing of God’s Providence
From Prison to Prominence
Feast and Famine
The Meeting
The Test
It’s Not as it Seems
Sitting at Joseph’s Table
The Silver Cup
A Plea for the Guilty
The Revelation
It Is Enough
Pharaoh’s Steward
Take Me Back to Canaan


Thank You!

Elaine Depew

I listened to this series on Joseph with my children. A story that we thought we all knew well. However, it was as if it came alive before our eyes and when we would finish one message they would beg me to go on to the next. We were on the edge of our seats. THANK YOU!