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The Book of Psalms is one of the greatest treasures the Lord has given to His people. Through these sacred poems, God has given us a rich songbook and a divinely inspired guide for our prayers. In this teaching series, Dr. W. Robert Godfrey provides an overview of the Psalms with the specific goal of learning to love them through a study of their themes, structure, and beauty.

See also the companion book, Learning to Love the Psalms.

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Messages in this Teaching Series
Introduction (Part 1): Attractions & Difficulties
Introduction (Part 2): Solving Difficulties
Psalm 11: The Power of Poetry
Psalms 26 & 39: Peculiar Psalms
Psalms 49 & 50: All the World & All the People
Psalm 52: The Psalms & History
Psalm 77: Questions in Grief
Psalm 81: The Word at the Center
Psalms 91 & 93: God Is Protector & King
Psalm 94: Comfort from the Future
Psalm 127: The Lord’s Beloved
God Is All