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  • Sermons on the Beatitudes

    Book by John Calvin

    Among the many activities which claimed Calvin’s attention during his long ministry in Geneva (1536-1538; 1541-1564), preaching was the most public and perhaps the most influential. Public because, for many years, twice on Sundays and daily in alternate weeks, the … Learn More

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  • The Beatitudes

    Teaching Series by R.C. Sproul

    Amid the persecution and sorrow that we can expect as Christ’s followers, this enriching series prods us to continue following Him faithfully. The Beatitudes can help strengthen you in your Christian journey with the confidence of your promised future blessing … Learn More

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  • When Grace Transforms

    Book by Terry Johnson

    Terry Johnson stresses that the Beatitudes are Jesus’ handbook to living a fuller life. This better, more contented and satisfying life is only for the people who believe in him, because, as Terry demonstrates, the Sermon on the Mount was … Learn More

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