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  • Battling Unbelief: Defeating Sin with Superior Pleasure

    Book by John Piper

    No one sins out of duty. We sin because it offers some promise of happiness. That promise enslaves us–until we believe that God is more desirable than life itself (Psalm 63:3). Only the power of God’s superior promises in the … Learn More

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  • Fear: Breaking Its Grip

    Book by Lou Priolo

    Do you feel paralyzed by fear? Does it keep you from doing what you know is right and from being who you want to be? When fear takes over, it seems like a controlling, irresistible force and often becomes an … Learn More

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  • January 2010 Tabletalk

    Tabletalk by Various

    Get Free Shipping on Individual 2010 Issues of Tabletalk The January 2010 issue of Tabletalk explores the sovereignty of God in the face of anxiety. Contributors include R.C. Sproul along with E. Calvin Beisner, Steven Lawson, John MacArthur, Ken Myers, Paul … Learn More

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  • Running Scared

    Book by Edward Welch

    One of the haunting dilemmas of the human condition is that fear is “an inescapable feature of earthly life.” Every person who has lived on this earth has encountered fear. Tragically, for this reason our race for the good life … Learn More

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  • Triumphing Over Sinful Fear

    Book by John Flavel

    How will you triumph when your heart is left trembling? To some degree, everyone experiences fear. It impacts the decisions we make and leaves us feeling helpless. John Flavel begins this book by examining various fears and discussing general ways … Learn More

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  • When People Are Big and God Is Small

    Book by Edward Welch

    In God I trust; I will not be afraid. What can mortal man do to me?” So sings the Psalmist. But quote that to a crime victim or a junior high student and they’ll tell you fear of “mortal men” … Learn More

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