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The June 2021 issue of Tabletalk will feature articles on the theme of the confessing church. Historic, orthodox Christianity has from the beginning preserved and proclaimed the faith once delivered to the saints with the help of confessions. Confessions are documents that refute heresy and define what we believe the Scriptures teach. More recently, the use of confessions has fallen on hard times, with some churches neglecting them altogether and other churches adopting minimalistic statements of faith that establish insufficient boundaries to maintain orthodox faith and practice. This has led to a generation of professing Christians who do not know what the church has believed and are largely unable to pass on the fullness of the faith to those who are coming after them to lead God’s people. This issue of Tabletalk will seek to help the church recommit to confessionalism by demonstrating the necessity of confessions and showing their value in many areas of the church’s life.

Contributors include Burk Parsons, John R. Muether, Nick Batzig, David F. Coffin Jr., Paul Levy, Christopher J. Gordon, Sebastian Heck, Donny Friederichsen, William C. Godfrey, Eric Kamoga, Robert VanDoodewaard, Susan Smith Bennett, Anthony Salangsang, and Rut Etheridge III.