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The June 2016 issue of Tabletalk addresses legalism. At its root, legalism is an attempt to earn favor with God by human effort. It is the opposite of antinomianism, which belittles the law by cheapening grace. In contrast, legalism exalts the law above grace. As a result, it breeds contempt toward those who do not measure up and foments guilt within those who do not conform to its unbearable standards. Legalism wrongly burdens God’s people with the heavy yoke of manmade rules and regulations. The answer to this heresy is a proper understanding of the Bible’s teaching on grace and the law. This issue addresses legalism’s dangers and the delights of God’s instruction for us in His law.

Contributors include R.C. Sproul along with Nick Batzig, Stephen J. Nichols, Sinclair B. Ferguson, and Sean Michael Lucas.