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Available for a limited time, these posters of John Calvin illustrated by Kent Barton come pre-assembled in a poster tube. They are a beautiful addition to any office or workspace. (Posters are 19 3/4 in. x 16 in.)

Towering over the centuries of church history, there stands one figure of such monumental importance that he still commands attention and arouses intrigue. Called “one of the truly great men of all time,” his masterful expositions of Scripture laid down the doctrinal distinctives of the Protestant Reformation. His theological thunder defined and articulated the core truths of that history-altering movement in sixteenth-century Europe.

In turn, those lofty ideas helped fashion the founding principles of Western civilization, giving rise to the republican form of government, the ideals of public education, and the philosophy of free-market capitalism. A world-class theologian, a revered exegete, a renowned teacher, an ecclesiastical statesman, an influential Reformer — he was all of these and more. His name was John Calvin.
(Steven Lawson, The Expository Genius of John Calvin)