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During Dr. R.C. Sproul’s time in seminary and the early days of his ministry, he saw first hand Abraham Kuyper’s observation that biblical criticism has become biblical vandalism. Sadly, we are seeing such vandalism even in our evangelical churches today. During our 2015 Winter Conference at Reformation Bible College, Drs. Sinclair Ferguson, Steven Lawson, John MacArthur, and Stephen Nichols joined Dr. Sproul to address topics related to the crucial doctrine of inerrancy. Together, they looked at how the doctrine is grounded in the teaching of Christ Himself, how one should deal with so-called “biblical difficulties,” and other topics impacting your church. The urgent call for today is for biblical preaching and for a pulpit ministry that boldly proclaims the Word of God.

Messages in this Teaching Series
The Inerrancy Crisis
The Chicago Statement: An Interview with R.C. Sproul
Inerrancy in the Pulpit
Inerrancy in the Pew
The Difficulty Today
God’s Word is Truth